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Red River Gorge – Natural Bridge (KY)

As the pandemic continues, we are still appreciating the beauty of the world.  We are just enjoying it closer to home.  Today we traveled east to the Natural BridgeRed River Gorge area, a world-famous climbing destination with sandstone arches and towering cliffs.  This park in the small town of Slade is home to its own unique cultural mix… Appalachian roots meets climbing hip.

Our first stop was the Daniel Boone Coffee Shop.  We were here a few years ago when it was a typical small-town grocery-coffee-souvenir shop.  Today, it’s been transformed into a can’t miss cafe serving regional coffee from Kentucky Mountain Coffee Company and others. Beside coffee, you can enjoy homemade baked goods, vegan wraps and seasonal cocktails.  We ordered a grilled cheese with a local beer cheese, a BLT, and a latte.   Everything was freshly prepared and delicious! The service was fast and provided by servers who appeared to be climbers earning their keep in order to climb during off-hours.

Grateful for wild spaces that provide retreat from the busyness of our daily lives.  Places where we can breathe deeply and be restored.  Places where we can notice the dampness, the reflections and the smells surrounding us.  Places that transport us to simpler times.