In Spain, it’s hard to imagine that paella, Sunday-lunch comfort food, would ever be paired with pie in any form whether a cobbler, cheesecake or a slice of lemon mounded with three inches of meringue.  In our home, it doesn’t seem unusual or misguided How can you go wrong when you’re taking extraordinary foods from two cultures and combining them into an unforgettable food experience. For the past two years, we’ve actually auctioned off just this combination (along with Sangria!) at a local charity silent auction.  It goes without saying that the winners have been enthusiastic supporters for this blending of cultures!

We are both deeply curious about this intertwining of customs, traditions, and lifestyles. Luckily, we also love to travel and to eat because these are two of the best ways to really understand and appreciate how something from one culture can be added to another and the result is way beyond simple addition. In fact, it’s a type of alchemy.  That’s what we hope to share with you. The magical process of transformation through combination….like the middle eastern music we enjoyed at a Jewish Festival in Poland, the delicious custard tarts we ate at The Portuguese Bakery on Cape Cod, or maybe just our next night of enjoying paella and buttermilk pie at home!

Holly and David